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Article: Customer Profile - Rob the Falconer

Customer Profile

Customer Profile - Rob the Falconer

Name: Rob Conohan

Age: 36

Nationality: Canada

Resides: Ventura, CA

Occupation: Wildlife Biologist

Hobbies: Photography, Falconry

How did you get into falconry? When I was a child I was always fascinated with birds of prey. When I was 11 I was told to do a school project on an animal. I picked the Peregrine Falcon. There was not internet then (25yrs ago) so I went to the encyclopedia (a set of books that give information on many things) section of the library (a place that has books). I pulled out the "F" section and read the paragraphs about falcons. I turned the page to find something called "Falconry" There was a black and white photo of a falconer taking a hooded falcon out of the back of his old 60's station wagon. I was mesmerized as I read. I ran home through the blowing Canadian snow, burst threw the door and proclaimed that I  wanted to become a falconer! My parents said..."ok".
What age did you start? I got my first bird when I was 15. She was a Harris' Hawk named Avro (named after the Canadian Fighter Jet the Avro Arrow) I worked for a summer picking strawberries to save enough money for her. 

How many Falcons and Hawks have you trained? 20

Favorite part about being a falconer? My favorite part of being a falconer is that it gives me an up close view at the complex and powerful relationship between predator and prey. Its a daily occurrence in nature that few people ever get the opportunity to witness and I get to see it everyday!  

How often do you wear Kodenko jeans? How many days are there in a week?

When do you wear them?  When I'm at the office, lounging around the house, going out with the lady, basically anytime I need to look sharp or just be comfortable.  

About how many pairs do you own? 5

Favorite part of the pants? how comfortable they are!